Update: Changes to Radiant Chests & Cosmetics

After talking with our community members and looking at better options to correct the Radiant Chest Gold exploit, we’ve decided it makes the most sense to remove cosmetic content from the Radiant Chest entirely.   

We see that most players simply want to get Cards from the Radiant Chests and this solution guarantees that they do.  It simplifies the chests so players can better select what  fits their needs and there’s no longer cosmetic duplicates to contend with.

The new Chest structure is as follows:

· Radiant Chests drop Cards for all Champions

· Champion Chests drop Cards for specific Champions

· Gold Chests drop Rare/Epic cosmetics and other Flair

· Diamond Chests drop Epic and Legendary Collections and Mounts

What happens to the cosmetic content that WAS in the Radiant Chest?

· Common Skins and recolors will no longer be available

· Uncommon Skins and recolors will no longer be available (for now)

· MVP Poses, Emotes and Flair will be found in the Gold Chest

· Sprays will no longer be available (for now)

When looking at player feedback, we’ve seen that players overwhelmingly want new skins that showcase their favorite Champions in unique and exciting ways.  Moving forward, we are committed to delivering exactly that.

· We will put Common and Uncommon Skins up for direct purchase one last time in the near future

· We will be re-evaluating all of our current Uncommon Skins and reintroducing some at a later date

· We will be re-evaluating the way in which players receive Sprays and reintroducing them at a later date as well

Early next week, we will begin the process and remove all cosmetics (skins, sprays, etc) from the Radiant Chest.  Soon after we will have the last chance sale, stay tuned for info on that.

Of course, players who already own these cosmetics will still keep what they own. We look forward to bringing you the best content we have to offer in 2018 and we are committed to making Paladins the best Free-to-Play experience it can be!