Announcing the Paladins Community Skin Project!

At Hi-Rez Studios, community input has always been an important part of our design philosophy.  The community has generated tons of valuable input and collectively come up with some fantastic ideas and concepts.  Paladins continues to grow and expand, recently celebrating over 11 Million registered Players!  We feel it’s a great time to announce…

The Paladins Community Skin Project!

The Paladins Community Skin Project is your chance to weigh in and shape the direction of a special new skin!  We want to ensure we’re making the skins you want to see for the champions you enjoy playing!  So how does this work?

  • Place your vote for the Champion you’d love to see get a new skin by Friday, June 2
  • We’ll design and sketch out 4 possible skin ideas for that champion
  • The sketches will be presented on an upcoming Friday Patch Preview Show (June 9, 4pm EDT)
  • You’ll cast your vote for the sketch you like best!

The Dreamhack Reveal!

We will reveal and show off the finalized Community Skin concept art during Dreamhack Valencia!  Tune in (or swing by!) to see the finalized concept that the community voted on.  Yet another reason not to miss all the big announcements and competitive matches happening during Dreamhack!

After Dreamhack, our team will get to work turning that concept into reality.  Once completed, The Community Skin will be available as part of a special Fall event!

Let’s kick off the voting!  Tell us who you feel deserves a cool new skin and let’s work together to make it happen!

Cast your vote here: