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Battle Pass


Apr.25 - Jul.18

Level Up. Get sweet loot.

Introducing: the Paladins Battle Pass, the best way to get sweet loot with one simple purchase. The Battle Pass lets you unlock Skins, Animated Sprays, and other rewards just by playing Paladins. You’ll earn Battle Pass experience with every game you play, levelling up your Battle Pass and unlocking a reward every level for 50 levels. Buy each Battle Pass as it is released, or save by purchasing the Season Pass 2018 to receive 1,500 Crystals and all three Battle Passes as soon as they are available.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass

Unlock the Mech Battle Pass in-game for 500 Crystals! Start earning sweet rewards today!

Season Pass

Season Pass

Get all three Battle Passes in one package with the Season Pass 2018 and we’ll throw in 1,500 Crystals.

50 Levels, 50 Rewards

Instantly unlock the Mecha Prowler Battle Cat Mount Skin when you purchase the first Battle Pass.

Plus, you’ll get boosted experience.

Then earn up to three Epic Skins at levels 20, 30, and 50 -- including the Robo Force Ruckus Skin! Plus with every level you’ll get bonus Skins, an Animated Spray, Chests, and more, including the all-new Death Stamp cosmetic.

Can’t wait for those sweet rewards? Unlock your next level immediately with an easy one-time purchase. Or purchase all 50 levels and get that Grohk Skin early!

Instant Unlock


Level 20


Level 30


Level 50


Plus More Rewards:

Death Stamp
Animated Spray

Every Paladins player still earns rewards, even without purchasing the Battle Pass! You’ll start levelling up your Battle Pass from day 1, and earn free Gold, special Team Boosts, and Diamond and Gold Chests just for playing. If you choose to buy before the Battle Pass ends, you’ll instantly unlock every reward up to your current Battle Pass level!

  • Rewards for Everyone:
  • Chest Rolls
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 20% Boost

Battle in the Realm!

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