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Darkness Arrives with the Dragon Scourge

Uncover over 150 great rewards with the Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass! You'll earn Battle Pass experience with every game you play, leveling up your Battle Pass and unlocking a reward every level for 120 levels.

Battle Pass

Unlock the Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass in-game for 600 Crystals.

Start earning rewards today!


Battle Passport

Get the Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass by itself, or purchase the Battle Passport to unlock the first 30 levels and get Scalebane Strix and Draconic Enforcer Khan immediately!

Untold Riches Await You

Includes the following items, as well as Gold, Crystals, Chests, and more!

Dragonic Fighter Viktor
Scales of War 3D Spray
Hunter's Fury Avatar
Fierce Hunter Animated Spray
Dragon's Gaze Spray
Solfire Furia
Flame Breath Spray
Nice to Meat You Spray
Campground 3D Spray
Desperado Lex
Brood-Guard Avatar
Snack Time 3D Spray
Dragonsbane Strix
Mockery Lian Emote
Eye of Saurus Avatar
Dragonslayer Furia
Ironscale Khan

Earn Over 100 Rewards

Earn Additional Champion Skins

Once you've earned all four Champion skins, keep playing to earn alternate versions of each skin, including the Limited Dragonslayer Furia, which will only be available during the Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass!

Viktor Skin
Furia Skin
Strix Skin