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Battle Pass 3

Bump the new BP in Update 1.8

Get Hype. Legendary Rewards Await.

The third Paladins Battle Pass spins up more great loot in one simple purchase. And this time, the rewards are truly Legendary. We’re celebrating our final Battle Pass of the year with five Legendary Skins, each with the same music technology that made Raeve Maeve great.

You’ll earn Battle Pass experience with every game you play, leveling up your Battle Pass and unlocking a reward every level for 50 levels. Get the Remix Battle Pass by itself, or purchase the Season Pass 2018 to receive 1,500 Crystals and the instant unlocks from previous Battle Passes you may have missed.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass

Unlock the Remix Battle Pass in-game for 600 Crystals. Start earning rewards today!

Season Pass

Season Pass

Get the Remix Battle Pass, plus 1,500 Crystals and the instant unlocks from Battle Passes 1 and 2.

Turn Up the Volume

Unlock the Legendary Remix Strix Skin instantly when you purchase the Remix Battle Pass. Plus, you’ll earn boosted experience.

Drop sick beats and your enemies to earn up to two more Legendary Remix Skins for Seris and Jenos. You’ll also earn a new skin that reimagines Pip as an all-new, female vulpin Champion: Pepper!

Also new in the Remix Battle Pass are enhanced Legendary Emotes, bringing VFX and music from the club right onto the battlefield. Throughout the Battle Pass you’ll unlock new MVP Poses, animated Avatars, Chest Rolls, and more!

Can’t wait for those great rewards? Unlock your next level immediately with an easy one-time purchase. Or purchase all 50 levels and get Remix Jenos early!

Instant Unlock
Remix Strix Skin
Level 10
Remix Seris Skin
Level 30
Remix Pepper Pip Skin
Level 50
Remix Jenos Skin

Plus More Rewards



Death Stamp

Death Stamp

Diamond Chest

Animated Spray

3D Spray

Static Spray


Don’t let the fun end at level 50! New with the Remix Battle Pass is the bonus Encore track, allowing truly dedicated players to earn even more loot. Players who purchase the Remix Battle Pass and reach level 50 can unlock the Encore track: Another 50 levels of rewards, capped with the Limited, Legendary Redux Strix Skin.

Rewards For Everyone

Every Paladins player still earns rewards, even without purchasing the Battle Pass. Begin leveling on day one and unlock awesome loot from the FREE track, including Chibi Avatars, EDM Chest Rolls, and more! If you choose to buy before the Battle Pass ends, you’ll instantly unlock every reward up to your current Battle Pass level.

Rewards Include:
Chest Rolls
Chibi Avatars

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