Introducing: Cards Unbound


  • – Essence is gone. Yay!
  • – Paladins is even more free to play. All Cards (Basic and Legendary) are now free and immediately unlocked, and can be leveled up by collecting duplicates.
  • – In the new over-the-top Arcade mode, you can play exactly how you want to play. Just build a loadout of your five favorite Cards — no point limit restrictions.
  • – Siege Mode (both Classic and Competitive) is now more balanced and competitive than ever before, with all Cards unlocked and set to Level 4.  
Why We’re Changing Things
    • We’ve been listening to our players. And we’ve learned that different players want different things from Paladins.
    • Some players just want to have fun and do cool things. They want an epic experience that’s even more over-the-top than Paladins is today, unconstrained by the more cumbersome aspects of deckbuilding and point limits.
    • Competitive players want the most balanced, hardcore game possible. And they dislike having to unlock cards before they can play a new Champ in a competitive mode and create their own loadout.
    • We want to make Paladins into a better game for both of these groups.
Embrace the Cards. (Because They’re All Yours.)
    • Essence was confusing for new players… and we really didn’t need four currencies. So we’re removing Essence from the game. (We will refund unspent Essence with Gold on a 1:1 basis.)
    • All Basic and all Legendary Cards are now free and immediately unlocked, so you can build the deck of your dreams.
    • Got deckbuilding anxiety? Don’t worry: Each Champion now has three pre-built loadouts so you can easily and immediately experience diverse playstyles.
    • You’ll have even more game-changing decisions to make. One new Legendary Card is being added for every Champion, free.
Opening Card Chests: It’s Actually Fun Now!
    • Level up your Basic and Legendary Cards permanently, all the way to the new Level 10, just by playing and opening the many free card chests we’ll be throwing your way.
    • Collect duplicates and watch your Cards level up.
    • Already have a big collection of Cards? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to start leveling those Cards up from Level 4. In addition, all new players receive a default deck with Level 4 cards and a Legendary at Level 4.
Arcade: More Advancement. More Customization. More Over The Top.
    • Tired of being constrained by a 12-point deck? Ever picked a card you really liked… and then only had one point left to allocate to it? We know that feel.
    • Now you can take your decks to 50 in the all-new Arcade Queue.
    • This free-form gamemode lets you craft your play style with your five favorite cards, regardless of level.
Siege: Choose Either the Classic or Ranked Experience, No Grind Required
    • More than ever, Siege is 100% about you.
    • There’s no need to collect cards just to play a champ with your favorite loadout in Siege. On Day 1 you have all the cards and all the Legendaries– and we set them all to Level 4 for Classic and Ranked Siege.
    • It’s the ultimate free-to-play mode. Just fair, intense combat, no grind required for cards.
Keeping Things Fair
    • We get it: This is a major change that may be controversial, particularly given some recent questionable moves by full-price games.
    • We’re moving forward with this system because we believe it will make the game better for all of our players. We want to serve our players, and we’re confident that we can best do that with a more wide-open and fun Arcade mode, and a Siege mode that is only affected by player skill.
    • The vast majority of our players will never spend a dime. Regardless of how much money you have in your wallet, we want to make sure you have a great time. Our number one priority as we introduce Cards Unbound is that the free-to-play experience feels great.
    • For those players who do choose to spend money on Paladins, we aren’t comfortable charging you for Card Chests until we have time to tune the economy after seeing real-world results (and we definitely anticipate adjustments).
    • Therefore, upon the initial release of Cards Unbound, there will be no way to directly purchase Radiant Chests or Champion Card Chests with Crystals; they may only be unlocked via Gold or playing the game. We expect to allow Crystal purchases of those same Card Chests in OB65, but we may delay this.