Console Paladins: Aim Improvements Incoming!

Since Paladins hit Open Beta on consoles, we’ve been working to polish and improve the player experience. But there is one big area for improvement that keeps coming up in our player surveys: Overall control feel, especially regarding Aim Assist. So we’ve brought in some additional help to make sure Paladins feels great on console.

We’re pleased to announce that our very own Scott Gandhi is leading a project to improve Paladins’ console controls. You may remember Scott as the driving force behind SMITE’s console controls, a former Halo National Champion, and a console esports-focused MLG caster.

The latest Hotfix introduces the first round of control changes for players to evaluate. Scott adjusted values on a per-character basis and overhauled the Turn Acceleration and Aim Assist systems to create a more natural aim feel.

There are now two new settings players may adjust to further customize their aim settings. Magnet Strength allows players to reduce the amount they are led when aiming at an enemy, and Friction Strength lets players control the amount their sensitivity is reduced when an enemy is in their reticle.

As Scott and the team continue polishing and perfecting the Aim Assist systems, your feedback is important. Let us know how each champion feels by leaving feedback on the Official Paladins Forums.

NOTE: Your default control settings have been reset, you will want to experiment to find new values you like best.  Because of the sweeping changes, there’s no 1:1 equivalency between pre-hotfix settings and post-hotfix settings.  You’ll generally want to use a lower sensitivity value than you used previously to achieve a similar effect.  It’s also highly recommended players use the “Dynamic” setting.