Win Dreamhack Maeve!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new, exclusive Maeve skin to celebrate Dreamhack Valencia, and you can get it for FREE!

To have a shot at obtaining Maeve’s new skin for your own collection on PC or Console:

1. Link your Twitch and Hi-Rez Accounts. This will let us know who you are on Twitch, unlock the Illusory Mirror skin for Ying, and enable you to win various prizes from us when watching eligible streams.
2. Tune into the Paladins Twitch channel during Dreamhack Valencia from Thursday, July 13 till Saturday, July 15 for a chance to win.
3. Enjoy the broadcast! If you win a Dreamhack Maeve skin, you’ll receive a message on Twitch and it will automatically appear in your Paladins account.

We’ll see you this Thursday for the best Paladins esports event of the Summer!