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The Origin

In the village of Seris, a dark hunger demands satisfaction. A sister is chosen by the Magistrate, doomed to be sacrificed to sate the appetite of the Abyss. Her sister cannot stand against the Abyss alone, but all is possible with the Eternal Pyre.

Two sisters tied by fate. Two primeval forces locked in war. Witness the Rise of Furia, the Angel of Vengeance.


Furia is born of the Eternal Pyre to stand against the Abyss. Those who seek to help others have nothing to fear of her fiery wrath. Those who would do harm within the Realm would do well to make their final amends. Furia is here and her rage will engulf her foes.


Escape the Abyss!

The Abyss hungers. Race to the top of the demonic spire, avoiding rockets fired by an abyssal lord. Then prepare for a winner-take-all Team Deathmatch to escape eternal torment.

Climb to the Top

Use your Champion’s abilities to scale the spire. But watch out -- the abyssal lord is on your tail!

Collect Powerful Boosts

Brave the Abyss to snag boosts, granting Ultimate Charge for the entire team!

Prepare for Combat

Once atop the spire, fight to escape the Abyss in Team Deathmatch!


The Rise of Furia event offers three exciting new bundles! Purchase any bundle to receive Furia’s Blessing, allowing access to a secret shop containing exclusive cosmetics unlocked with Abyssal Shards. Each bundle comes with an Epic Skin, a MVP Pose, and 200 Abyssal Shards.

Bundle 1
  • Demonette Maeve
  • MVP Pose (Maeve)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards
Bundle 2
  • Archangel Tyra
  • MVP Pose (Tyra)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards
Bundle 3
  • Fallen Androxus
  • MVP Pose (Androxus)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards
Unleash Hellfire with

Abyssal Lord Drogoz

Unlock all three bundles to receive a free bonus skin: Abyssal Lord Drogoz. Plus, you’ll get a special MVP Pose, unique title “The Demon,” the Forsaken Loading Frame, Effigy Death Stamp, and 1,000 Abyssal Shards. Abyssal Lord Drogoz is only available during the Rise of Furia event -- get him before the Abyss is sealed for good!

Secret Event Store

Witness The Rise Of Furia!

Escape the Abyss in Update 1.1

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