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Ascension Peak

Join the Assault in OB68

Siege of Ascension Peak Map

This is
Ascension Peak

It was here that Jenos stepped into the stars and became one with the cosmos. Now, he has returned. And House Aico will not rest until Jenos is convinced to join the Magistrate. Join the Siege for Ascension Peak and experience the battle firsthand!


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Join the Fight for Ascension Peak!

Khan leads the Magistrate’s forces into battle on Paladins’ newest map: Ascension Peak. Join the fight and turn the tide of battle in favor of the Paladins, or defeat Jenos on behalf House Aico.

  • Magistrate vs. Paladins - Players will be assigned a random character and represent either the Paladins or the Magistrate. Your mastery of each Champion will see you through to victory!
  • Evade Artillery Fire - Magistrate forces have Ascension Peak under constant fire! Dodge the explosives crashing down all around you. Watch out for Fire Bombs!
  • Ascended Abilities - The ascendance of Jenos has affected the battlefield. All Champions have 50% cooldown reduction -- can you handle your newfound power?
  • During the Siege of Ascension Peak, you’ll have access to 12 quests. These quests will test your resolve, and you’ll get sweet rewards in the form of Gold and VIP Points for completing them. Purchase bundles for Crests to unlock special roaming emotes -- emotes you can use while moving -- for Androxus, Maeve, or Strix.

    Complete Quests.
    Get Rewards.

    Demon Slayer Bundle

    Demon Slayer Bundle

    300 Crystals
    • Demon Slayer Zhin (Epic Skin)
    • 1x Diamond Chest
    • Roaming Emote Unlock Crest
    • Exclusive Zhin MVP Pose

    Academic Bundle


    Demon Slayer Bundle


    Jade Priestess Bundle


    The Ultimate Reward: Soul Eater Jenos

    Unlock all three bundles to receive a special bonus skin, absolutely free: the Soul Eater Jenos skin. Plus, you’ll also get a special MVP pose, a unique title, and Paladins’ first ever Loading Frame to show off your own ascendance. This is your only chance to unlock Soul Eater Jenos -- He’ll be unavailable after the Siege of Ascension Peak ends!

    • Limited Epic Skin
    • Limited MVP Pose
    • Limited “Supreme Senpai” Title

    Join the battle for
    Ascension Peak

    The Siege Begins in OB68

    Khan Arrives in OB69

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    Available on Steam, Windows, Xbox One, PS4