Featured Community Champion: FeyRazzle

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Today’s Featured Community Champion is a Twitch streamer named FeyRazzle! A member of the official Paladins Stream Team, FeyRazzle has been streaming Paladins for nearly a year on Twitch while building a respectful community focused on having fun. When he’s not live on his personal Twitch channel playing with viewers and subscribers, Fey can be found streaming on the PaladinsGame Twitch channel teaching fans how to play his favorite Champion, Cassie!

How did you first discover Paladins? 

I was streaming on Twitch for a couple months after coming over from YouTube in January of 2016, streaming random games at the time. When a member of my community brought up that they had some codes for the closed beta of Paladins, we started playing the game on stream, and I instantly fell in love with Cassie. Like many other streamers, however, I was drawn into other games, but I kept talking to people I met on Paladins about how we should return to the game.

And what ended up bringing you back? 

After a year or so or streaming, I hit a dead point. I gave all my energy, my effort, and my thoughts, but things just weren’t working. It was here I decided to be daring, and went into TimTheTatman’s community because he was my inspiration for becoming a streamer. I wrote in my title, “the sexiest voice on Twitch,” and that’s when he raided my stream with 14,000 viewers. I had been in the business long enough to know this wasn’t going to be the key to my success, but it was really cool regardless.

The next day I had 50 viewers instead of 20, and I said something about playing Paladins. One viewer in my chat knew the game, and the following day I started streaming Paladins again. I had so much fun playing that Friday I decided to do an extra stream on Saturday, where I ended up meeting Onylight and Fazion, and it just kept going forward from there. HiRezPixie and HiRezAlyssa came around right when people suggested I apply to stream on PaladinsGame, and I gave it a shot! The rest is history.

What were some of the hoops you had to jump through to get better in-game? 

Back in the day, I played with extremely high sensitivity, which means I was playing a lot more with my wrist. Now, I play using my whole arm with low sensitivity, which has helped me tremendously when playing Cassie.

So regarding content, do you have a favorite type of stream you enjoy doing on your channel? 

Charity is actually the reason I started streaming on Twitch. In 2016, I wanted to raise $1,000 for suicide prevention because I lost two of my friends to suicide and we managed to raise it within a few months, which was pretty mind blowing. There’s plenty of stuff I haven’t done, such as a LAN event with other streamers, but I would say the top one for me is charity – which is why I was so excited to be a part of the Paladins Operation Supply Drop stream in August!

How would you define your community on Twitch? 

My community is all about having fun no matter what, so long as we maintain a level of respect for other viewers. I’m there, and you can laugh at me in a respectful way, but at the end of the day it’s about enjoying each other’s company and having fun playing games together.

As far as interacting with your community, do you have anything in particular that Paladins fans can join in for? 

I always have two queues going when I’m streaming. I play with everybody, every single viewer, but I have a queue for regular viewers and one for subscribers. So I cycle in viewers with each match as much as I can. We also have subscriber movie nights on Discord a few times a week too, but we keep talking all the time through each movie. We still need to work on that!

And with that being said, do you have any shout outs you’d like to give? 

I’ve got to say thanks to my mods for all they do, especially because they’re not even being paid for it! The community itself gets a big shout out too, because of their positive outlook on things every day. Even if we have a bad day, they don’t take it out on other members of the community, we just work to vent it out together on stream.

Is there anything big coming up that your viewers and Paladins fans can look forward to? 

Oh man, HRX 2018 is probably the biggest one coming up! I’m looking forward to announcing more details as the date closes in, but I’m excited to attend this year.

FeyRazzle’s Custom Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 4
  • Mouse DPI: 400
  • Field of View: 120

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