Featured Community Champion: Jenosuke

The Featured Community Champion is a bi-weekly column posted on Wednesday where we showcase the Champions of OUR Realm who create and share awesome Paladins content! Know a content creator you think should be featured? Let us know here!

Watch live video from Jenosuke on www.twitch.tv

Today’s Featured Community Champion is Twitch streamer Jenosuke!  Jenosuke has been streaming Paladins on Twitch for a while now and has a friendly, active community.  His stream is always upbeat and he brings a lot of positive energy to our community.  Jenosuke plays a lot of custom games with his viewers and he plays quite a bit of Competitive queue as well.  We’re excited to see what the future holds and we’re honored to have content creators like him representing Paladins!

Hello Jenosuke! How did you get into Paladins?

DizzyDizaster introduced me to Paladins and I was hooked ever since!


Who are your favorite Champion?

My favorite Champions are Ying, Mal’Damba, Grover and Sha Lin.


Tell us a little bit about the Paladins content you make:

It is not so much about the content we create; It is more about the Community we are creating. We are basically a community that sticks together, plays together, and helps each other out!


What is next for you? What can we expect to see?

I plan to branch off into YouTube and hopefully meet more Hi-Rez staff members in the future!

Jenosuke’s Custom Settings:

Mouse Sensitivity: 6

Mouse DPI: 800


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Jenosuke is live on Twitch, Monday through Friday, starting at 2pm PST.