Featured Community Champion: Joshino

The Featured Community Champion is a bi-weekly column posted on Wednesday where we showcase the Champions of OUR Realm who create and share awesome Paladins content! Know a content creator you think should be featured? Let us know here!

Last article when I asked you who should be featured next, the community overwhelmingly recommended Joshino!  Joshino is a prolific YouTuber and occasional streamer who’s been making Paladins content for quite a while now.  He creates all kinds of videos, from guides and tutorials to patch reviews and speculation.  Joshino is articulate and thoughtful, he always gives quality feedback and detailed analysis.  He’s built up an awesome community around his channel, they’re always playing subscriber matches and hanging out in the Joshino Discord.

Joshino! Tell us a bit about how you got into Paladins:

I saw a lot of chatter on twitter about the closed beta, got a key and tried it out for myself. I had a fun time, but the game changed a lot from then to what it is now. I didn’t get hooked until I came back to the open beta and it just struck a chord between genres like MOBAs and shooters that felt just right.


Favorite Champions?

I have a special place for hyperactive champions, like Androxus and Bomb King. For front liners, Makoa has always been my turtle jam. Ying as well, being a bit more vanilla but letting me be active even as a support/healer.


What kind of Paladins content do you make?  Tell us a little more about it:

I make lots of different content! But mainly I make guides, game news, community spotlights, coaching and the odd comedy skit. Community involvement is always a big thing for me, if nothing else each video I make can open up a conversation.


What comes next?

I’ve been thinking for a while to spotlight community creations – champion concepts/skin ideas as it would be quite fun for me and give exposure to them. I also try to stream as much as possible to interact directly, but I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere with a potato for broadband, forcing me to use limited hot spot data on my phone to stream. So getting into my own place and streaming daily on a good fiber connection is my ultimate goal!


Which Paladins Champion would you want by your side during the Zombie Apocalypse?

Ying! I could see her using illusions to lure zombies away, could be quite effective. The moral implications of the clones being born to be zombie chow aside. Some company would be nice in the lonely zombie ridden wastelands.

Joshino’s Custom Settings

Mouse Sensitivity: 2

Mouse DPI: 800

Field of View: 120


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