Featured Community Champion: KamiVS

The Featured Community Champion is a column where we introduce the Champions of our Realm who create and share amazing Paladins content! Do you know a creator you feel should be featured in this column? Let us know by sending an email to nbashore@hirezstudios.com!

Today’s Featured Community Champion is KamiVS, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber! A member of the official Paladins Stream Team, Kami has been creating content for years while building a fun-loving community who enjoys learning how to better themselves as players. Whenever Kami isn’t broadcasting on Twitch, you’ll often find him uploading videos to his YouTube channel, where he shares his journey to Grandmaster in Ranked 2.0 and helps his viewers improve in-game!

When did you first discover Paladins

When I started streaming, I was playing Rivals of Aether and Overwatch had just been released in closed beta. I remember playing for a beta weekend and loving it, but when the weekend ended, I just felt lost while I was getting back into the fighting scene. When I was trying to get back into Rivals of Aether once again, one of my viewers asked if I had ever heard of a game called Paladins. He gave me a referral back when Paladins was back in Closed Beta, and I started playing it. I was literally hooked from day one, to the point where I would play 11 hours a day, five days a week. It’s been a wild ride from Patch 10 to, what are we on now? OB63?

Which Champions did you gravitate towards when you first started playing? 

I play with the title ‘The Rogue Alchemist’, which is Pip’s title. People ask about it, because they rarely see me playing him. When I started playing Paladins, Pip was the only Champion I played. Once the leveling system was introduced, I shot up to level 18 or something around there, just because I enjoyed Pip so much. I used to play Team Fortress 2, and the arc of the Demoman’s weapon was something I loved. With Pip, you have the same arc, and mortaring over a siege wall or something just feels so good when you manage to pull it off.

On that note, you know I have to ask: Flank or Heal Pip?
I. Love. Heal Pip!
I don’t hate on Flank Pip, you know, when they do it right. I don’t know if there’s a Legendary Card that really caters towards it. Catalyst is probably what you run. I respect people for doing whatever they want to do while having fun with it. But Heal Pip all the way!

And for prospective Heal Pip players out there, what are some of your recommended Cards or Loadouts? 

I’d say there’s a couple of mandatory cards you’ll want in your Loadout. The first one is Reload IV, which reduces the cooldown of your Potion for every person you hit. Max it out at two seconds, so if you hit two people, it knocks it down by about four seconds. Since you’ll be rushing Chronos in most cases, Reload IV makes Pip’s Potion ability work well with the current two Front Line meta. You can just pump out heals every 3-4 seconds, which is really nice.

The other Card is Gift Giver, which allows you to heal yourself even if you aren’t actually healing yourself. This means you can stay in the back line without having to get into the fray, and heal as a Pip.

So when did you begin producing Paladins content on your channels? 

That’s a good question. At the very beginning of YouTube, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I would upload a funny Twitch clip or I would do a montage of kills, which caught on for a little bit. Then, someone suggested that I upload full games, because a lot of people wanted to see how I played. Right now, for example, I’m on the road to Grandmaster in Ranked 2.0, and I’m uploading full games where you can hear my thoughts as I’m playing. I’m uploading daily too, which has been great.

As you were starting to make content, did you learn anything valuable that you could pass on to those just getting started?
Most definitely! Appearance is everything. Take thumbnails, for example, which people always like to talk about. Having a decent thumbnail is key to get viewers to click on your video, which means big flashing white and yellow letters are your friends. Putting really goofy stuff on your thumbnail is good too, and so is picking a good title so viewers know what they’re clicking on.

There’s also a lot of YouTuber’s out there, and it’s going to be hard to differentiate yourself from all of them. What’s going to help, however, is to be both entertaining and focused on good quality, while making some decent thumbnails. But if you want to get involved with YouTube, just do your best and keep grinding – because there will be times where you won’t feel like it’s worth it. All you need is that one big break, and you’ve got to keep at it until things come around. Honestly, I’ll be asked to help with people’s YouTube channels a lot, and I’m more than happy to take a few minutes out of my day to give a few tips. Feel free to toss it my way and I’ll give it a look!

How would you define your community on YouTube and Twitch?

We’re very sarcastic and never take ourselves seriously. I have a rule on Twitch which says, “never BM another viewer, but feel free to BM me.” So a lot of people like to make fun of me. I actually had this rolling joke going called a Kami Ult, and that’s if you start an ult and finish in a worse place than you were before. We’re lighthearted, and enjoy poking fun at each other.

When it comes to interacting with you and your community, how can Paladins fans join in and participate?

When I start off the stream, I normally have viewer games. These are open to everybody, you don’t even have to follow, you just have to make it in there quick enough. Whenever my viewer games go up, they fill up pretty quickly, so you’ve got to be ready whenever I go live! Outside of that, I also do Casual matches with Subs or Patreons, while I tend to play solo for Ranked matches.

And with that said, do you have any shout outs you’d like to give to members of your community?

I’d like to give a shout out to my biggest supporter, my fiancée Brandi. She’s been with me since the beginning, and anytime I have a good idea, it’s normally hers! I’m also extremely thankful for my subscribers on Twitch and anyone who supports me on Patreon. Their support, no matter how little it is, means more than they can possibly imagine. It helps me out a lot and allows me to keep doing what I enjoy!

Do you have any major plans coming up that your community and Paladins fans can look forward to?

I’ve been focusing so much on the daily grind, where I’m always doing viewer games and working my way to the top of Ranked, so be sure to stop by for that every day. I’ll also be competing in the Paladins Global Series with my team the Realm Breakers, and attending HRX in January as a member of the Paladins Stream Team!

Kami’s Custom Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 6
  • Mouse DPI: 400
  • Field of View: 110

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