Invitational Champions Stream Day | Jan 31

This Tuesday, from 9AM to 7PM EST, the Paladins Invitational Champions are taking over the stream on These pros won $150k at Hi-Rez Expo – they’re the best in the world, and they’re excited to interact and play with Paladins fans!  You can expect viewer games, giveaways, high-level ranked, 1v1s, guides, tips, tricks, Q&A and more – ALL DAY! In addition, viewers who link their account have the chance to win Twitch Rewards! Don’t miss this exciting chance to meet and play with the Paladins pros!

Player Time (EST)
Leminate 9am-11am
Bonkar 11am -1pm
Bird 1pm-3pm
Laizy 3pm-5pm
Thiel 5pm-7pm