Last Chance Sale: All Common and Uncommon Cosmetics 50% off!

Hello Champions! As we talked about earlier this week, we’ve removed Common and Uncommon cosmetics from the Radiant Chest.  Players no longer have cosmetic duplicates to contend with and are able to rank up their cards quicker.

This weekend only, we’re running a Last Chance Sale to give everyone the opportunity to grab the skins they want at a 50% discount.  We’re also adding the Gold prices back to the items during this sale period so players may spend Gold instead if they wish.

The sale runs Friday through Sunday, after which the Commons will be gone and we’ll be re-evaluating the Uncommon skins and looking at better solutions to offer them to our players.

Note: Sale excludes some Common Weapons that were Radiant Chest exclusive.


  • – Uncommon and Common cosmetics are direct purchase for Crystals & Gold
  • – 50% Off the Crystal Price
  • – 1/26 – 1/28