Looking Back on DreamHack Valencia

If you didn’t have the chance to keep up with us at DreamHack Valencia, we dropped plenty of epic announcements throughout the event! Between the reveal of a new Champion named Jenos, a brand-new map called Splitstone Quarry, and the results of our first community-voted skin project, here’s a look at everything you might have missed during our visit to Spain.

New Champion: Jenos, the Ascended.

Jenos, The Ascended is coming to Paladins in OB55! Above you’ll find a sneak peek, with more information dropping on the July 21 Patch Preview at 4pm EDT.

New Map: Splitstone Quarry

Prepare to venture into the depths of Splitstone Quarry in OB55 with our newest map!

New Skin: Demonic Seris









Back in May, players voted for which Champion they wanted to receive a new Community-voted skin, and now Demonic Seris will emerge from the Abyss in a special fall event!

Paladins Global Series

The epic conclusion to DreamHack Valencia was the announcement of our Paladins Global Series, which is a $350,000 worldwide tournament built for our amazing community of competitive players. The biggest Paladins community eSports tournament to date, the Paladins Global Series will invite PC players from Southeast Asia, Russia, North America, Brazil, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania to compete in monthly regional tournaments with cash and crystal prizing. For more details and to find out how to participate yourself, head over to our Paladins Global Series Facebook group!