New Twitch Drops: Quicksilver Ying and Bloodmoon Cassie

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added two new exclusive skins to our Twitch Drops: Quicksilver Ying and Bloodmoon Cassie.

Here’s how to be eligible to win:

  1. Link your account.  This lets us know who you are on Twitch, unlocks a pretty sweet Illusory Mirror skin for Ying and enables you to win various prizes when watching eligible streams.
  2. Check the Tournament Schedule for games being broadcast on our official channel and tune in on Twitch.
  3. Enjoy the broadcast!  Our loot bot will randomly send drops to people who are watching and have their accounts linked!  One of those drops could be the new Quicksilver Ying or Bloodmoon Cassie.

Your chance to win starts this weekend at 2pm EDT on PaladinsGame!