Paladins $100K Founder's Tournament - Team/Roster Information

The Paladins $100K Founders Tournament is just over a week away and team’s are making final preparations for the event. Two teams from North America and two teams from Europe will go head to head at a stake of the $100K in a single elimination bracket. The event will be streamed live from Jönköping, Sweden at Dreamhack Summer 2016! Let’s take a look at the teams and bracket heading into the event.

North America

SoaR Gaming (1st seed):

  • PCack
  • mykL
  • WarDoom
  • Kusqt

Warpath Gaming (2nd seed):

  • Stolzey
  • doesupz
  • smidgen
  • Rude
  • suhhkyle


Torpedo (1st seed):

  • Laizy
  • Kustom3
  • Spunkki
  • TehPrincess
  • Thiel

District 69 (2nd seed):

  • Bugzy
  • Elvenpath
  • Shipa
  • Perdo
  • Gerrah

Brackets & Broadcast Info

Both semi-finals in the single elimination bracket will be played and broadcasted on June 19th. The Grand Finals will be played on Monday, June 20th with all games being broadcasted on


We’re excited to have Paladins at Dreamhack Summer 2016 for this amazing event! Be sure to follow us on Twitter – @PaladinsGame for updates leading up to Dreamhack Summer 2016 and throughout the event.

For more information about Hi-Rez Studios at Dreamhack Summer 2016, please visit