Paladins Fright Nights | October 27 - 29

When hinges creak in the shadowy depths of Splitstone Quarry, and strange and frightening sounds echo through Stone Keep’s vast halls. When the Payload silently rolls forward, not a soul in sight, as if driven by a menacing phantom. Whenever torches flicker where the air is deathly still, darkness falls, and the b r o k e n moon rises above Serpent Beach. This is the witching hour – the time when ghosts and ghouls materialize and bring terror to the Realm!

Prepare for a weekend of devilish delight! From October 27-29, star in our thrilling triple feature –Paladins Fright Nights!

    • On Friday, earn a Radiant Chest for each First Win of the Day – up to a total of three Radiant Chests (for three daily wins). 
    • On Saturday, earn 15 Crystals for each First Win of the Day – for a total of 45 Crystals (for three daily wins). 
    • And to conclude the event on Sunday, you’ll earn Double VIP Points from end-of-match rewards!

So whether you enjoy tricks, spells, spooks, or treats; join us this weekend for a scary Halloween feat!