Paladins Pro Feature | November 21st

The Paladins Community Streamer Day was a glowing success, so we’re thrilled to announce the Paladins Pro Feature!  This Monday, from 7AM to 7PM EST, watch some of the best Paladins players in the world stream on These pros come from the top Paladins teams in North America and Europe. They’re excited to interact and play with viewers throughout the day!  You can expect viewer games, giveaways, high-level ranked, 1v1s, guides, tips, tricks, Q&A and more – ALL DAY! Don’t miss this exciting chance to meet and play with the Paladins pros!

Player Team Time (EST)
Bird Burrito 7am-9am
Bugzy District69 9am-11am
Bitey Eager 11am-1pm
Stolzey Match Point 1pm-3pm
Kami Eager 3pm-5pm
Kusqt Match Point 5pm-7pm