Watch the Paladins World Championship Qualifiers, Get Exclusive Twitch Drops!

After months of fierce competition in both the Paladins Global Series and Paladins Premier League, we are extremely excited to bring the Paladins World Championship Qualifiers to Twitch this weekend!

On November 18th and 19th, the Paladins World Championship Qualifiers will pit the top two PGS teams from Europe and North America against the best teams from the PPL for a spot at HRX 2018! The action begins at 11:00am EST on both Saturday and Sunday, but the fun doesn’t stop there! During the broadcast, we’re going to be dropping exclusive rewards on Twitch including Bloodmoon Cassie, Quicksilver Ying, and the HRX 2018 Digital Loot Pack!

Here’s how to be eligible for these exclusive Twitch Drops:

  1. Link your Twitch account and your Hi-Rez account. This lets us know who you are on Twitch, unlocks an exclusive Illusory Mirror skin for Ying, and makes you eligible for Twitch Drops.
  2. Tune in to starting at 11:00am EST Saturday (November 18) and Sunday (November 19).
  3. Enjoy the Paladins World Championship Qualifiers on Twitch! Our loot bot will randomly send Twitch Drops to viewers with their linked accounts.

Don’t forget, your chance to win starts this weekend at 11:00am EST on PaladinsGame!