The Paladins Community Skin Project Returns!

Back in May, we announced the first-ever Paladins Community Skin Project. Over 60 thousand players voted, and we created an incredible skin together!

But Infernal Seris was only the beginning…

Starting today, October 27, we’re kicking off the second Paladins Community Skin Project!

This event is your chance to contribute to development and help shape the direction of a special new skin! We want to make sure we’re making the skins you want to see for the Champions you enjoy playing! Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your vote by November 3 for the Champion you’d like to see receive a new skin.
  2. Once voting ends, we’ll sketch four different skin themes. These will be presented on an upcoming Patch Preview Show.
  3. Once presented, you’ll cast your vote for the Champion skin idea you like best.

The HRX Reveal!

Once the voting process is complete, we’ll reveal the final concept art at HRX 2018! Tune in online or swing by the convention to see the the skin that you voted on. After HRX 2018, our team will begin the process of turning that concept into a reality.

Let’s kick off the voting!  Tell us who you think deserves a cool new skin and let’s work together to make it happen!

Cast your vote here: