Twitch Rewards on All Streams!

Get FREE Rewards for watching Paladins on Twitch! Beginning today, there will be a random chance to win Twitch Rewards on ALL Paladins and SMITE Twitch channels!

How to participate:

  • Streamers: Link your Twitch account at for Rewards to randomly drop to your viewers while you stream Paladins or SMITE on your Twitch channel.

  • Viewers: Link your Twitch account at in order to receive Twitch Rewards on your account and watch any linked Paladins or SMITE stream for a chance to get free loot!

What can you get from Twitch rewards? When you link, you will automatically receive Ying and her Twitch Illusory Mirror Weapon Skin, and when you watch you can get free Chests, Crystals, Skins, and more!

To link your PC account:

  • Log in to My Account and click “Link”. You will be prompted to log in to your Twitch Account, and then asked to confirm whether you want to link your Hi-Rez and Twitch Accounts. Click “Yes” and you’re done!

Paladins console players will be able to link their accounts and get rewards soon!

Click HERE to check out the entire Twitch Linking FAQ and start enjoying FREE Rewards!