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VIP Member Perks

Want the latest and greatest Skins without spending a ton of Crystals? Or without spending Crystals at all?

Introducing: The VIP Program. Starting in patch OB58, you’ll gain VIP Points just by playing Paladins. Redeem your VIP Points in the VIP Store to unlock Exclusive Skins, Announcer Packs, Mounts, and more. As you earn VIP Points, you’ll also unlock special VIP bonuses, like Chat Icons, special name treatments, and much more.

Have some spare Crystals? Increase the rate you earn VIP Points by becoming a VIP Member. Unlock VIP Team Boosters, granting your entire team extra VIP Points for one game. And get Radiant Chests, bonus VIP Points, and Exclusive Skins, just for joining.

*Feature Coming Soon

VIP Pack

  • EXCLUSIVE Conqueror Zhin Skin Collection
  • FIVE 14 Day VIP Memberships, including:
    • 25 Radiant Chests
    • 100,000 VIP Points
    • 25 VIP Team Boosters
    • Bonus VIP Quests and enhanced VIP Point gain
    • Paladins Esports Voting

Cost: $14.99 USD

*Limit One Per Account

14 Day VIP Membership

  • 5 Radiant Chests (250 Crystal Value!)
  • 20,000 VIP Points, enough to unlock an Epic Skin instantly
  • 5 VIP Team Boosters
  • Bonus VIP Quests and enhanced VIP Point gain
  • Paladins Esports Voting

Cost: 200 Crystals

VIP Points Bundle:

  • 10,000 VIP Points

Cost: 70 Crystals

*Only Avaliable to Active VIP Members

Visit the VIP Store

VIP Content

There’s only one place to get some of the latest and greatest Skins, Announcer Packs, and Mounts in the Realm: The VIP Store.

Dub-step onto the battlefield with the newest Legendary Skin, Raeve Maeve. Put on your best toga as Goddess Lian. Get the real Paladins esports experience with Raynday or PrettyHair announcing your games. And more great VIP Store Exclusive content will be added with every patch.

Don’t worry – You can visit the store to spend your VIP Points without being a Member.

VIP Skin Sale

Miss out on an older Epic Skin? Every patch, we’ll bring back an Epic Skin to the VIP Store for a limited time… and sell it at a discount. Don’t miss out!

Shop the VIP Store in game!

Esports Voting

Think you know Paladins esports better than anyone? Prove it.

As part of the VIP Program, every Paladins player will get to pick the winners of Paladins Premier League matches. Choose correctly and you’ll get VIP Points. If you’re a VIP Member, you’ll get bonus points. It’s that easy.

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